Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beading Together!

My little bead room had some company this week! My 11 year old niece came to redeem her “Raid Aunt Kelley’s Stash” birthday coupon.

Earrings were the theme, and she brought shirts to design them for. She designed three pairs of shorter dangles: one pair from black triangle beads and clear and teal crystals, one pair with a rich purple pearl and two sparkly metal beads, and one pair with blue glass, yellow crystals and chain.

Before we could blink nearly two hours had passed!

It was so much fun to sit back and watch the joy on her face as she sorted and matched and slid beads on and off headpins. And when she said, “Can you make danglies here and here, and put this here like this?” to be able to answer “Yes! I can do that!” was priceless.

She’s coming back again soon. :)


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