Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being Disabled Sucks

Yep, I admit it. I'm disabled. Doesn't show all the time, but these tent shows are doing me in. For the last three days I've had serious trouble walking. Even after all the cortisone shots and epidurals, my back gave out in Target last night. Had to use the cart as a walker and drag my right foot behind me. Sheesh!

I'm getting stronger, but I seriously underestimated how weak I've become in the last few years. And my coma six months ago sure didn't help. I need to slow down, ask for help and give myself time.

Anyone else out there want to accomplish more in a day than you can?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ithaca Festival 2012

photo by Aaron Kelly

The Ithaca Festival was a bit wet this year, but people did brave the drizzle. I had one customer who said she came to the festival just to see my beads after reading about me on-line. What a complement!

I'll write more about my experience later; first I want to introduce a couple of vendors I met whose work I absolutely love. (Please forgive my photos - my computer crashed--with its editing software.)

The potter in the booth across from mine hails from Virginia. Kirsten of Kirsten's Clay is a former zookeeper and her line of pottery has imprints of actual animal prints. Way cool. I also love the deep, rich color of the glazes she uses. And her mugs are definitely generously sized. I chose a iguana-print mug that my son is sure to snag.
photo by artist

The next is metalworker Chris Carle. The beautiful lines and airbrushing on his stand alone sculptures blew me away. My favorite piece is this hummingbird. Sadly, my budget was stretched too thin to bring it home. I've saved it for you!

And lastly, I was drawn into Fresh As Paint by a sign that said "We have Plus Sizes." I discovered not only does Jane Miller have plus size clothing (as well as the usual sizes), she also knows how to cut clothing for us slightly larger women. And she hand paints her vests, jackets and sweatshirts too!

This jacket is fleeced on the inside is and so comfy not only did I buy it but I also wore it for the rest of the weekend.

photo by artist
So, even in the drizzle, the trip was worth it.