Saturday, July 24, 2010

Where do all the artists go?

Since being bit by the lampworking bug, I've spent hours searching the web for everything lampwork related: pictures of beads, flameworking videos, sites to buy glass, blogs about beads, and especially sellers of jewelry made with handmade lampwork beads.

You know what I've noticed? Many, many sites link to artists whose sites are no longer there! These aren't old links, either. It seems that on their way to finding what they really want to do, many people try out lampworking. Then they try something else.

I guess it's evolution of a sort, but I'm strangely bothered by it. I hope I'm still making stringers and shaping beads when I'm old and grey (okay, more grey). I can't imagine doing anything else. But who knows? 

Until then, I'm following the artists who've "hung in there." And making beads.



Some Artists I follow:
Corina Tettinger - has the best bead newsletter ever 
Harlan Simon - makes easy-to-see and follow beadmaking videos