Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer is Coming!

The warm spell that hit the Northeast these last few weeks is gone, but it impressed on me that summer will come again! With that, I got busy applying for summer shows.

This year, I'm targeting the mid-size show scene. For the first time, I'm also applying for shows that require a tent. I don't have a tent, yet, but I do have my eye on the new 10X10 TrimLine that many other artists are raving about. It has a skylight to help light my work, and a vent opening in the front and rear canopy areas to help keep things cool inside.

Somehow, in my mind, you've "made it" when you have a tent full of items you'd keep if you could. Ever since my first festival  in Ithaca, NY--where I was raised--I've wanted to be a part of the festival scene. I didn't know until much later that my love for the little glass figurines my parents collected would turn into a fascination with glass that I could fill a tent with, but now I get it! I've moved my little studio inside the house so I can work in any weather (not the gas tanks, though; they're still outside where they belong). 

So far, I can tell you I'll be at Mayday Underground Crafts & Art Fest on April 28th at the Village Gate in Rochester, NY, and at the Damascus Shriner's Cruz Nights--with their awesome classic cars!--on Fridays on Bay Rd in Webster, NY from May 11 throughout the summer. I'll list more events as I hear back.

Since I can't have a post without a picture, here are some of my new beadwoven rivoli earrings, on sale at summer shows, and on Etsy. (I know, they're not lampwork, but a girl's gotta have more than one trick up her sleeve!)

Happy Spring!