Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Quest for the Perfect Vine Cane

Most of the canes (thin rods) of glass I use for beads are pulled from a thick mass of carefully layered colors. It's a time consuming process that works beautifully for flower petals and buds, but seems to be wasted on stems and vines.

So I decided to try putting frit (crushed glass) on a blob of glass and pulling that out. Easy, no? No. That doesn't cut it when you are in search of the perfect mottled vine cane.

First I tried all the frit mixes I had on handt too blue, too light, too many colors. Then I ordered all the greens Val Cox Frit has too offer.

What I got was what I ordered, plus five more little baggies of green frit and a note from Sabrina: "Welcome to the world of frit blending...."

OMG! I love her! As a scientifically-minded person, I got out rods of glass and paper and pen. And I'm now a loyal customer for life. Yep. Love her.

I haven't gotten to the "perfect" blend yet, but I'm definitely on my way. Go check out - the eye candy alone is worth it.

Keep on Beading!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Canandegua Class

Here are the ladies from Tuesday's class hard at work. They learned Peyote stitch and had fun. Yay!
And where else could you get Delica beads and sterling clasps for free? Come on, ask your Rochester area library to invite me to teach there!