Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Quest for the Perfect Vine Cane

Most of the canes (thin rods) of glass I use for beads are pulled from a thick mass of carefully layered colors. It's a time consuming process that works beautifully for flower petals and buds, but seems to be wasted on stems and vines.

So I decided to try putting frit (crushed glass) on a blob of glass and pulling that out. Easy, no? No. That doesn't cut it when you are in search of the perfect mottled vine cane.

First I tried all the frit mixes I had on handt too blue, too light, too many colors. Then I ordered all the greens Val Cox Frit has too offer.

What I got was what I ordered, plus five more little baggies of green frit and a note from Sabrina: "Welcome to the world of frit blending...."

OMG! I love her! As a scientifically-minded person, I got out rods of glass and paper and pen. And I'm now a loyal customer for life. Yep. Love her.

I haven't gotten to the "perfect" blend yet, but I'm definitely on my way. Go check out - the eye candy alone is worth it.

Keep on Beading!

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