Friday, April 20, 2012

The Pendant Game

Here's some of the new pendant designs I'm working on, bad photography and all:

Somehow I managed to order glass rods that are either too small or too big to make the pendants I originally intended. And the murrini wasn't nearly thin enough. So, perfectionist that I am, I put in an order for yet more glass. Funny, I do the same thing with seed beads. Not the perfect color? Buy more! Good for art. Bad for the wallet.

At least I found out that my little torch will cut through 1" clear rods. Good to know.

My first show of the year is in one week! MayDay Underground - April 28 at The Village Gate in Rochester.

See the NEW Show Schedule section to the right? Now you'll know where I'll be this summer. Just in case you see something you like....


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